Sotheby's Annual Treasures Auction on July 3rd (JEEEEEEEEEEZZZ)

Alright, so by now everyone knows I am obsessed with Sotheby's and Christie's auctions, especially the fine art and jewelry auctions. I'm literally on Sotheby's site drooling at least once a week.

If you're not familiar with auction houses, they usually post the items on-line before the auction with a target estimate of what the item is set to bring in.  I'm a nerd. I like to look at the estimates and then follow up with the sale amount of the items I like.  Of course, I always have the most expensive taste and my jaw is usually left dropped. 

I took some time to take a closer look at their annual Treasures auction which takes place during the summer Old Masters Week in London.  In art history, "Old Master"  is basically the most recognized of  European artists—mostly painters—working between the Renaissance and 1800.

Sotheby's Annual Treasures will showcase the most discerning curation in Sotheby’s New Bond Street galleries. Displaying a wonderful mix of furniture and decorative art, augmented by Royal and historic provenance, this unique pageant of masterpieces will demonstrate extraordinary craftmanship alongside a rich diversity in style and age, constituting the very pinnacle of each collecting category. In other words, some pretty iconic pieces that don't come around often.

I was browsing through the 40 pages of items, and there were two which caught my eye. I mean, if I had 700,000 GBP to drop right now, it would be on this.   (LMFAO Sometimes I wonder why I'm like this)

Item # 1
Jehan Cremsdorff, Paris

ESTIMATED AT 400,000-700,000 GBP ............jjjeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzz
Why I Like It:
  • It's in mint condition circa 1650. Nothing has appeared on the market from the 1700's of this caliber and condition in 30 years.
  • It includes mastery work from a watchmaker, goldsmith, jeweller, and enameller perspective
  • The images depict 3 virtues (with Temperance on the dial, Charity on the opposing inner case back, and Hope on the inner case back opposite the movement)  Masterfully enameled without any distortion which shows how skilled the artist was.
  • The unknown history.  When I look at pieces like this I wonder who it belonged to. 
  • Two other similar pieces exists. One at Metropolitan Museum of Art 1975.1.1244, and a watch made for Queen Christina of Sweden in the Royal Palace collection in Stockholm.


Item # 2
A gold, enamel and split pearl automaton pistol perfume spray and timepiece, Moulinié, Bautte & Ce., Geneva, 1804-1808

ESTIMATED AT 200,000-250,000 GBP

Why I like It:

  • It's SO CUTE!!!!!
  • I have never seen anything like this.  I love the mix of the enamel, pearls, gold chains and colours used.  The fact that this is a timepiece and a PERFUME SPRAY blows my mind.   I would feel like such a boss using this to put perfume on.
  • Of the surviving pistol sprays, only about 15 are recorded with these colours.  PEW PEW!!!!!





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