Athena Medallion Earrings
Fredrick Prince Athena Medallion Necklace
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Athena Medallion Earrings

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The Athena Proverb Medallion was created to remind us of the importance of love.  The back of the medallion is inscribed with proverb " the heart that loves is always young "

This proverb is very important to us because love is universal.   Self-love is at the top of this list.  Some say it's much more difficult to love yourself than it is to others. We can turn to loving other people as a form of validation of our own self-love which can be disastrous because when that person exits our life and are gone, so are we.  If you can not love yourself, you will be incapable of loving other people and may not be open to accepting love, all forms of it, within friendships, family, significant others, work-life etc.  Love and appreciation go hand in hand.  In order to love, you must appreciate first.  All the good and bad within yourself and other people; all the strengths and all the flaws.  We can age physically, but when our hearts are open and filled with love (for ourselves and others) you can have the spirit of being young forever.

Our proverb medallions were created to have wise reminders close to us daily. 

  • Brass with oxidized 925 sterling silver plating
  • 27mm Medallion


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