Lioness Medallion Earrings
Lioness Medallion Earrings
Fredrick Prince®

Lioness Medallion Earrings

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The Lioness Proverb Medallion was created to remind us of the importance of personal focus.  The back of the medallion is inscribed with  African Proverb " he who cannot dance will say the drum is bad "

This proverb holds dear to us.  Our interpretation of it simple.  If someone doesn't understand or have an open mind to understand what you're doing then chances are they are going to disagree or say it's bad.  Don't let those who aren't on the same vibration as you sway you from your purpose or make you doubt your capabilities.  When criticism hits, you have to ask yourself, can they dance like you?  Your dance is your way of thinking.  Your ability to use your mind to imagine the unthinkable and make it happen.  Your dance is making a difference in peoples lives no matter how big or how small.  If they can't dance like you, they will say the drum is bad.  It's an excuse of the narrow-minded.

Our proverb medallions were created to have wise reminders close to us daily.  The Lion

  • Brass with oxidized 925 sterling silver plating
  • 27mm Lion Medallion

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