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    Cool. Confident. Canadian

        Designed in Toronto, Fredrick Prince Jewelry is a boutique company that takes pride in its Canadian-made craftsmanship. Primarily using our signature brass chains with oxidized brass, oxidized sterling silver-plating and 14k gold plating, Fredrick Prince creates unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that are designed to make a statement.

        All of our designs are thoughtfully original and we proudly stand behind the quality and artistry of each and every piece. Our semi-precious gemstone beads are packed with distinctive strengthening and healing properties which stand the test of time. 

        Our designs are created to give the wearer maximum versatility.  Our signature style of necklaces are created with multiple strands marrying beads and chain.  Each strand can be worn solo or as the set it’s purchased with. 

        Fredrick Prince is not disposable jewelry. You can expect to get years worth of wear from a single purchase.


     How We Got Our Name

        Paying respect and homage to our favourite city in the world, Toronto, Fredrick Prince’s name is inspired by Prince Fredrick, The Duke of York. In the mid 1700s, Toronto was initially called York after the Duke, who happened to be the son of Prince George III.

        It was eventually decided, in 1834, that York would now be referred to as Toronto since the original York in England was considered so grim and dreary. We believe in giving back to our community and fostering home grown talent, so it seemed only natural to name our company after our roots, our city, our home, and our history.


    Our Founder

        At the heart and helm of Fredrick Prince Jewelry is Melissa De Luca, a fearless risk taker and fierce self starter that defines what it takes to be a true entrepreneur. She lives to challenge the status quo and refuses to settle, especially when it came to her corporate career, one that was decidedly not for her and her creative vision.

        A fashion industry professional since the tender age of 14, Melissa has had her hand in all areas of the industry, ranging from wholesale and distribution to buying, logistics, marketing, product development,  packaging and design, along with fashion show and event planning. 

        She’s a disruptive hustler and stylish rebel who had dreams of creating a luxurious jewelry brand that’s attainable for everyone.  With her unparalleled love for European detail and artistry, Melissa's signature style fuses old world elegance with modern-day edge placing Fredrick Prince in a class of its own.