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     Here at Fredrick Prince Jewelry we use a wide variety of genuine semi-precious stones to create timeless, elegant jewelry with an edge, thanks to our signature mix of metal and gems. The metal and plating we use to create our chain gives Fredrick Prince its edge, while the stunning quality, cuts, and bold, rich colour of our carefully hand-chosen stones make each piece feminine and luxurious.

    Our expertly selected semi-precious stones are picked from bead strands that are typically pre-cut and drilled, and are removed individually, one by one, ensuring only the best of the best makes the cut into your final piece of jewellery. We take pride and care when picking out our stones -- you’ll never find a plastic bead in any of our designs. Like diamonds, the finer and cleaner cut semi-precious stones are, the more expensive they can be, but the result is truly luxurious.

    All of our semi-precious stones are globally sourced and selected for their beautiful, unique qualities and characteristics, like their distinct strengthening, energy and healing properties. Since some genuine stones are limited in availability and harder to source, we’ll make a small number of pieces that capture the original, one-of-a-kind statements in true Fredrick Prince craftsmanship. With an unparalleled love for vintage, we will also occasionally feature vintage glass beads for an added special touch.