About Toronto Jewelry Workshops

Fredrick Prince Jewelry workshops are held at our flagship, located in the heart of Downtown, Toronto.

Our workshops are unique, in a sense that we designed them with two goals.  First we want you to have fun, because at the end of the day taking a jewelry workshop is pointless if you don't enjoy yourself.  Second, we want you to leave feeling that you have not only had a blast, but you have successfully learned how to tap into your creativity while designing and constructing a beautiful piece of jewelry. 

Our jewelry workshops are perfect for a girls night out, a birthday surprise, couples, mom and daughter duos and anyone who is interested in learning how hand crafted jewelry is created. 

Our jewelry workshops are template based where you get to decide on one of three designs to base your experience off of.  We walk you through material options and teach you how to train your eyes and brain to with materials you have never seen before all while picking up some jewelry terminology along the way.   Once your design is completed and you are truly satisfied with what you've come up with, we get technical and begin constructing your piece.

Unlike most jewelry workshops, our enrollment fee is flat rate,  meaning there are no additional charges for your material selections.  We decided to do this because we don't want anyone's creativity limited by cost.  That defeats the whole purpose of something like this (at least it does in our eyes anyways). 

Our instructors are super friendly and most importantly, patient. No question is a stupid question.  We are experts in our field and are more than happy to offer expert advice along the way.  We want to make sure that you walk out of our doors with pride that what you created has come from within.  Trust us when we say there is no better feeling than saying "I made this" when someone asks you where you bought your necklace from.

For more information, please visit our Toronto Jewelry Workshop FAQ page

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