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    Thank you for your interest in Fredrick Prince's Brand Ambassador program!

    Below are some guidelines of what our program is about

    • You will receive 1 FREE piece per month (of your choice) valued under $100.
    • You are only responsible for the shipping fee to your destination.
    • Ambassadors are required to post 3 different photos during the month which they receive their piece on various social media channels.
    • Ambassadors will receive a unique discount code for a permanent discount of 20% on every order placed for the duration that they are an ambassador.
    • Ambassadors are re assessed every 4 months. It is not guaranteed that your Ambassador contract will renew.

    Ok, so that's the technical stuff. Glad you made it through that. I hope that you're still excited!

    Now we want to let you know what our ideal Brand Ambassadors are like

    • We're looking for females in ANY country, globally. A female residing in any country, of any religion, ethnic background, age or sexual orientation is welcome to apply to for this program.
    • We like like women who are true to their own style.  We want to show the world that Fredrick Prince can be worn by anyone. If you like accessorizing your outfits and have a passion for fashion then you're a good candidate.
    • We're looking for women who are comfortable taking photos of themselves. Being an ambassador requires 3 different photos a month. We're looking for individuals who can be experimental with poses and photography but would still be able to show off our jewelry and their unique fashion sense.

    There are a few more details but we won't go into that until you are accepted into the program. So if you like what you've just read, then please take a few minutes to fill out the form below.


    Thanks !!