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    The signature Fredrick Prince Jewelry chains everyone has come to know and love are purchased in their raw form – brass. When making her vision come to life in the design process, founder Melissa De Luca works with raw brass – a dark, gritty metal – and then plates it using a local third-party jewellery plater in Toronto, Canada, which has been in business for more than 25 years.

    Our thoughtful, original designs are primarily plated in oxidized brass or oxidized sterling silver. The plating process is a tedious one, requiring countless hours from platers to manually wipe each chain with a special cloth designed to remove the levels of oxidation to ensure we get that recognizable Fredrick Prince style and achieve distinctive, consistent plating on each piece.

    We chose brass as our primary design element for its significant weight; for its ability to hold plating well, thus achieving that unmistakable Fredrick Prince look; for its easy maintenance (brass can be polished using a sterling silver jewellery cleanser, so your piece can always return to its original, new form); and because it is naturally nickel and lead free.