Toronto Jewelry Workshop FAQ

Here are some answers to frequently asked question about our workshops. Chances are you are thinking about some of them

I don't consider myself creative at all,  but I'm interested.  Should I do it?
100%.  We can't tell you how many times we've heard "but I'm not creative" by someone in a group.  Usually it's these people who end up leaving the most satisfied and the most pleasantly surprised with the outcome of their design.

We go step-by-step and the workshop runs in phases. You're not thrown at a table with a bunch of supplies and told Ok GO!.  By structuring our workshops this way you're given the opportunity to take your time and experiment. Our instructors have no problem giving the extra attention to individuals to help them get the ball rolling.  Once it's rolling, it rolls fast and before you know it, VOILA! you did it.

What kind of materials do we get to use?
Fredrick Prince prides itself on quality and craftsmanship and our jewelry workshops are no different.  We use genuine semi-precious gemstone beads and glass pearls.  We have the colours of the rainbow available so you can make something that really speaks to your personal style.  We have a variety of pendants available both new and vintage. Our chains are a base of brass with an oxidized brass or oxidized sterling silver plating.  14k gold plated chains are excluded from our workshop materials.

Is what I create going to fall apart? I mean, I don't know what I'm doing?
Absolutely not.  During the technical construction phase each step is looked over by our instructors to make sure all construction steps are completed properly and securely.  The pieces falling apart are never an issue with our workshops.

I've had sensitive skin my entire life and fashion jewelry usually irritates me.  Is this jewelry workshop for me?
It depends on your level of sensitivity, each case is different.  Brass is naturally nickel and lead free and all of our chains and components are made of this metal.  If this is a concern and you are still interested in our jewelry workshops, we'd be happy to offer a beaded template which would be absent of chain.  This  could be a possible solution.  Please call us at +1 416.735.1147 or e-mail us at so we can discuss it with you further as each individual is different.

Can kids take this workshop?
Yes.  Youth 12+ are welcome in all of our workshops.

I want to do this workshop with my brother / boyfriend / husband.  Do you think he'll enjoy this?
Hell Yah! Guys love our workshops.  Our templates are for women's necklaces so you have two options.  The first would be that your partner would design and make you a necklace (this is usually the case) or he may want to make something for himself.  If he wants to make something for himself, we need to be notified in advance and we can prepare a few options before your arrival.

What is the maximum amount of people that you can accommodate per jewelry workshop?
The max amount of people is 5.  However, if you have a larger group you can give us a call at +1.416.735.1147 or email us at to discuss larger group options. 

Where can I examples of what people have created in previous workshops?
Look up the hashtag #fredrickprincenecklaceworkshop on instagram where you'll see images from past workshops.

Can I buy a workshop gift card?
You certainly can. We have physical gift cards in the shop or you can purchase one online and we will send you a digital copy that can be printed and placed directly in a greeting card. Buy a workshop gift card HERE


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