Toronto Mobile Jewelry Workshop FAQ

***Due to COVID-19 we will not be hosting any upcoming workshops until further notice***

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Here are some answers to frequently asked question about our Mobile  Jewelry Workshops in Toronto/GTA.

Chances are you are thinking about some of them.


Who can participate in a mobile jewelry workshop?
Our mobile jewelry workshops primarily cater to Adult women 18+, Kids (any gender) 9-12 and Youth (any gender) 13-17. 

Men are welcome to join any jewelry workshop in the company of women and/or children.

Can adults and kids take the same workshop together?
Yes.  Kids 9-12 years old and Youth 13-17 years old can join any mobile jewelry workshop and will be accounted for as a member of the workshop and automatically included in the workshop fee.

What areas in Toronto/GTA do you service?
We service most areas in Toronto and the GTA.  Depending on your location, there may be an additional travel fee calculated and added to the workshop cost.  This will be discussed after you fill out and submit the request for booking form found HERE

Can persons with special needs take part in a jewelry workshop?
We are more than happy to accommodate anyone with special needs.  Please specify what the special needs are on the request for booking form. 

If after reading this FAQ, and more information found on the Mobile Jewelry Workshop and Kids Jewelry Workshop pages you feel like our workshop model is not a fit for the person with special needs, please contact us regardless because we are open to discussing a workshop that can be tailored to the specific needs of the person.

Do you offer group rates/discounts?
Currently we only offer a discounted group rate for kids ages 9-12.  Click here for more info

I'd like to book a mobile workshop just for myself, ONE person.  Is this possible?
We have a minimum booking of 2 people for all mobile workshops.  We can accommodate one-on-one sessions, however, this means that you will have to book for the minimum which is 2.

What is the maximum amount of people that you can accommodate per jewelry workshop?
The max amount of people for our standard necklace workshop is 5.  However, if you have a larger group you can fill out the form on this page and we can discuss the exact size of your group and try our best to accommodate you.

How far in advance should I book my workshop?
We'd suggest booking your mobile jewelry workshop as soon as possible. Our workshops are not running on a fixed schedule.  This means that any morning, afternoon or evening can be booked at any time.  In order to guarantee your booking please contact us as soon as possible, especially if this workshop is for a special event. Ie. Anniversary or birthday.

I've filled out the request for booking form.  What's Next?
You will be contacted within 24 hours to discuss your booking.  Once details are confirmed, we will send you an electronic order link via e-mail which will redirect you to our website to submit payment. 

Please note that your reserved date and time will be held for 24 hours after the electronic order link is sent.  If full payment is not submitted within the 24 hour window, your date will be released and open for other bookings. 

What form of payment do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards and paypal.

Can I buy a workshop gift card?
You certainly can by clicking HERE

Please note that all workshop gift card rates fall under the standard rates for our workshops. This means that workshop gift cards must be purchased in a minimum quantity of 2.  Once we receive your order we will send you a printable electronic gift card.  Our electronic gift cards are sized to fit into standard greeting cards.

I've had sensitive skin my entire life and fashion jewelry usually irritates me.  Is this jewelry workshop for me?
It depends on your level of sensitivity, each case is different.  Brass is naturally nickel and lead free and all of our chains and components are made of this metal.  If this is a concern and you are still interested in our jewelry workshops, we'd be happy to offer a beaded template which would be absent of chain.  This  could be a possible solution. Please specify this when you fill out the form on this page  and we will discuss options with you in detail with a follow up phone call.


I have to cancel my workshop.  What happens now?
We understand that unexpected things happen.  Workshops cancelled up to 72 hours can be fully refunded or rescheduled for a different date. 

Any workshop cancelled within 24-48 hours of the scheduled workshop date is non refundable and can ONLY be rescheduled.



I don't consider myself creative at all,  but I'm interested.  Should I do it?
100%.  We can't tell you how many times we've heard "but I'm not creative" by someone in a group.  Usually it's these people who end up leaving the most satisfied and the most pleasantly surprised with the outcome of their design.

We go step-by-step and the workshop runs in phases. You're not thrown at a table with a bunch of supplies and told Ok GO!.  By structuring our workshops this way you're given the opportunity to take your time and experiment. Our instructors have no problem giving the extra attention to individuals to help them get the ball rolling.  Once it's rolling, it rolls fast and before you know it, VOILA! you did it.

What kind of materials do we get to use?
Fredrick Prince prides itself on quality and craftsmanship and our jewelry workshops are no different.  We use genuine semi-precious gemstone beads and glass pearls.  We have the colours of the rainbow available so you can make something that really speaks to your personal style.  We have a variety of pendants available both new and vintage. Our chains are a base of brass with an oxidized brass or oxidized sterling silver plating.  

I have some old jewelry that I'd like to re-work in a Fredrick Prince workshop.  Is this permitted?
Of course.  It's always such a treat to see unique treasures.  You will be able to deconstruct old jewelry and use components which you love into the necklace that you make.

Is what I create going to fall apart? I mean, I don't know what I'm doing?
Absolutely not.  During the technical construction phase each step is looked over by our instructors to make sure all construction steps are completed properly and securely.  The pieces falling apart are never an issue with our workshops.