Fredrick Prince La Scala Garnet Statement Necklace
La Scala Medallion Statement Necklace Set/2
Fredrick Prince®

La Scala Medallion Statement Necklace Set/2

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      *We can create this necklace with custom measurements.  Should you have an alteration request, please fill out the form under the tab "Ask A Question" on this product page.*

      This necklace is a head turner.  It's perfect for any special occasion such as a wedding, fundraising gala or red carpet event.  Don't let the first glimpse of luxuriousness fool you.  It also pairs well with casual neutrals and camo.

      • Brass lightweight Cuban link chain with 14kt gold plating
      • Garnet, Hematite
      • Medallion pendants
      • Set of 2 necklaces, wear together or separate


      Garnet-Manifesting, Self Worth, Healing
      Garnets were used in the former Czechoslovakia as far back as the Bronze
      Age, and in Egypt more than five thousand years ago. They were used in
      Sumeria around 2100 B.C. and in Sweden between 1000 and 2000 B.C. They
      were also popular in ancient Greek and Roman civilizations. Garnet is known for its utilization of creative energy. It grounds spirit forces within the body and helps in the ability to work lovingly on the physical plane. Yet Garnet is a sensual
      stone. It represents primordial fire, the creation of the world out of chaos, purification and love. It is a stone of strong, intense feelings.


      Powerful, Healing Stone. It absorbs and dissolves the negative energy; it creates a feeling of safety. It awakes our dreams and desires, it encourages us to go after everything we want. Against hesitation and insecurity, hematite sets us free from anything that blocks us and keeps us prisoners of our own fear