St George and the dragon Medallion Earrings
Fredrick Prince St George and The Dragon Medallion
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St. George & The Dragon Medallion Earrings

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The St. George & The Dragon Proverb Medallion was created to remind us of the importance of personal practice.  The back of the medallion is inscribed with proverb " the more you sweat in practice the less you bleed in battle "


This proverb resonates with us big-time.  Practice and battle go hand-in-hand.  This doesn't only pertain to the physical form. There's mental, emotional, spiritual and physical forms of practice and battle.  There's endless hours within each of those categories that no one sees but ourselves.  Within that practice (our experiences), there's blood, sweat and tears in unfathomable amounts which prepare us for our ultimate battle.  Opportunities within all those categories can and will go to waste if we aren't prepared.  Even with all our practice, when we step onto the battle field there's still a chance we're going to bleed.  The question will be how much and how will it affect us?  That's when all the sweat you endured in practice comes in handy.   

Our proverb medallions were created to have wise reminders close to us daily. 

  • Brass with oxidized brass
  • 27mm Medallion