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Volterra Pearl Toggle Necklace Set/2

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      *We can create this necklace with custom measurements.  Should you have an alteration request, please fill out the form under the tab "Ask A Question" on this product page.*

      The juxtaposition of freshwater pearls and rough tourmaline chunks give the Volterra necklace an essence of mystery and power.  The perfect necklace for when you need suit up at the office, present an idea to your team, boss or investors or attend dinner date with your significant other.  It's elegant, mysterious and powerful.  You'll feel it when you put it on.

      • Brass chain with oxidize 925 sterling silver plating
      • Freshwater Pearls, Black Tourmaline, Hematite
      • Necklace set of 2, wear together or separate

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      Black Tourmaline- Protective
      Protects against negativity. Powerfully deflects/shields against unwanted or
      dark energies, (anger, resentment, or jealousy) especially for sensitive people.
      Encourages intellectual thought, vitality.

      Hematite is powerful, healing Stone. It absorbs and dissolves the negative energy; it creates a feeling of safety. It awakes our dreams and desires, it encourages us to go after everything we want. Against hesitation and insecurity, hematite sets us free from anything that blocks us and keeps us prisoners of our own fears.